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Custom making a treasured piece of jewelry is a wonderful experience at Becker's. For the celebration of a special occasion, one of life's milestones, or to experience the fulfillment of your jewelry dreams, custom designed jewelry is the ultimate jewelry expression.

For centuries, fine jewelry has been one of the most cherished possessions a person can own. Styles come and go, but fine craftsmanship has always been prized throughout the ages. Whether your look is Contemporary, Art Deco, or Traditional, custom design offers something very special and unique. We can even combine different elements of setting, style, and gemstones for a look that is uniquely yours. At Becker's, custom designed jewelry is exciting as well as affordable because we create one-of-a-kind pieces in our own custom design studio. You are involved in the creation of a special piece of jewelry you will enjoy for years to come. One of our custom designers will make this a fun and affordable experience.

We are specialists in custom design and our design studio is enclosed in glass so you can watch your creation come to life

Mike Lublin, our Senior Custom Designer has been with Becker's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry for over 15 years. He is a Graduate of the Gemological institute of America and holds the prestigious Graduate Gemologist Diploma. He has extensive experience as a Custom Designer, Diamond Buyer and Fine Jewelry Appraiser.

Formerly a United States Merchant Marine and Navel Reserve Officer, he is a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and holds a United States Coast Guard Captains license which allows him to command vessels on all oceans of the world.

Mike's designs emphasize capturing the essence of a gemstone's beauty while combining elegance and practicality. He has an understanding that each creation is a unique reflection of the individuals it was designed for.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands At Becker's, we can create the engagement or wedding band that you have always dreamed of - based on a wide selection of traditional to contemporary styles in two-tone, gold, or platinum.

One of the most difficult problems facing many couples is finding a wedding band to match their engagement ring. We are experts at custom designing matching wedding bands. Our custom designs will enhance the look of your engagement ring while providing that delicate balance needed between your engagement ring and wedding band. Gold or platinum, channel, pave, or bead set, designer look or traditional, we can do it all. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for a custom matching wedding band.

Call Michael Lublin at 1-888-BECKERS or email by clicking here, to schedule an engagement ring custom consultation. We are experts at helping you create the engagement ring of your dreams.

Custom Design Ideas

Unique items are a specialty at our Custom Design Department. Almost any idea can be created. From a profile of your child, a likeness of your favorite pet, to a gold and diamond key for your home, we can do it all. We have also designed sports related jewelry and cufflinks that portray your favorite hobby or occupation.

We have created custom designed Bangle Bracelets, elaborate Wedding Bands, Engagement Rings, Sports-Related Jewelry, the list goes on. We can even quote and estimate while you wait.

Anything you can dream of, Becker's can custom design.

Moreover, custom designed jewelry is exciting as well as affordable. Unique, personalized jewelry is made with the highest standards of craftsmanship, heavy enough to stand years of enjoyment with high quality workmanship, metals, and gemstones. Our custom rings are solidly made and comfort fitted.

We use only high quality diamonds in the colorless or near colorless range that are hand selected for proper cut and clarity. Each diamond is skillfully set by our master jewelers. We can make your creation in 14 KT & 18 KT gold, or lustrous platinum. Our senior custom designer is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, as well as a diamond professional and appraiser. Our jewelers and model makers have over half a century of design and jewelry experience combined. We hand select the diamonds and gemstones for each creation to get the best match of color and brightness.

Let's take a journey that will show you the process of custom design. The design process begins with an idea - possibly the memory of a cherished piece of jewelry that belonged to your mother or grandmother; possibly an engagement ring that you have pictured in your mind but just can't seem to find anywhere. Perhaps you've found the perfect spouse, and now Becker's can create the perfect engagement ring.

Let's take a tour of the custom design process from the moment the idea of a beautiful piece of jewelry is conceived in one's mind, to the ultimate conclusion - the creation of a work of art forged in precious metals and enhanced with the fiery beauty of gemstones.

Our first stop is the design studio. Here one of our talented designers will meet with you to discuss the possibilities and offer advice as to what type of design is appropriate for your needs.

After we have finalized a drawing to your specifications, it is next forwarded to the model shop where our skilled master craftsman uses his years of experience to hand-fashion a wax model of your jewelry tailored and specialized to your design.

It takes many hours to hand-carve a wax model. Like any work of art, it is the translation from idea to reality that is the magic of custom design.

After the wax model is complete, it is put in a flask, or metal container. The model is surrounded by a plaster-type material known as investment. This flask is then put in a special oven for many hours until the wax burns out, or evaporates through a small tube that connects the piece being cast to the outside of the investment. This burning out process leaves a cavity in the shape of the piece of jewelry in the center of the investment. Then, molten gold or platinum is poured through the tube to completely fill the void.

After cooling, the investment is dissolved away with water. This leaves a “tree”-like cast containing the rings and other items. The manufactured jewelry is removed from the tree and hand-filled to final shape with the proper care that can only be achieved through years of experience. Then the piece is given a high polish, which brings out the luster of the fine gold or platinum.

Finally, the piece is thoroughly checked to make sure it meets Becker's high standards.

At Becker's Custom Design, you are involved in the creation of an original design in jewelry. We have the ability to create the simplest wedding band or the most complex necklace and no request is too unusual. We create rings, bangle bracelets, medallions, and wedding bands - anything you can imagine at surprisingly affordable prices. An initial no-cost consultation takes only minutes - we can discuss your idea, sketch it out, and provide a cost estimate.

Contact our senior custom designer, Michael Lublin at 1-888-BECKERS to set up your custom consultation, or email us by clicking here. We are happy to address any questions about custom design, promptly and professionally.

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