Finally, spring is here! We are so ready for warmer temperatures and beautiful blooms after this long, cold winter. We love this time of year because it encourages us to refresh our accessories, shifting to brighter colored gemstones and bolder styles.

            This season, we think everyone should incorporate at least one of the following into their accessories in order to truly “refresh and renew” their style!

1. Peridot Jewelry

            Pantone’s Color of the Year is Greenery, a zesty green-yellow color, which embodies all the aspects of spring—refresh, renew, and restore (read more about this color on our blog at Just by looking at this color, you’ll feel invigorated and connected with nature.

            Peridot, a gemstone which comes from the mineral olivine, is a near perfect color match to Greenery. To brighten up your springtime wardrobe, add some color with a peridot ring, pendant, or earrings. We have different styles of peridot pieces available in-store and in our Etsy shop—shop now by clicking here:

                                               Peridot ring


2. Color Pop

            Bright colors are a must for spring! Luckily, peridot looks great with neutral colors, but also works well with bright colors, especially pink, purple, and blue (just think of bright flowers with green leaves and stems).

             Take a look at this gorgeous set of blue topaz and peridot earrings and matching pendant. Blue topaz is the perfect bright color pop, and it’s accented with a light green peridot halo. For a bit more sparkle, there are white sapphires on the bail. Set in yellow gold, these pieces have spring written all over them!

                                                            Blue Topaz

Shop these pieces and more from our Estate Collection right on our website by clicking here:


3. Flower Power

Just for fun, here are some nature-inspired spring-y pieces that will fit into your wardrobe effortlessly:

Flower Necklaces

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