If you got engaged a few months ago, or even more recently on Valentine’s Day, then you’re probably going to start thinking about planning your wedding. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we’re sure you’ve been planning it in your head since you were young. Don’t deny it—we all do it! Now is the time to bring those ideas to life.

        But many of us from the Becker’s team know that planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming. So many details to cover—the dress, flowers, table settings, menu, guest list, venue, and even the schedule of the reception. The list goes on and on. It’s easy to overlook the simple yet important things because there’s so much to do. Don’t panic!

        Knowing how hectic things can get, we asked our community of customers for their best piece of wedding planning advice. We’ve chosen the top 8 pieces of advice to use when planning your wedding:


1. “Look at the whole picture. The wedding is about the union of 2 people, family and friends. Sometimes less is more. Don't spend money on something because everyone else is doing it.” – Barbara M.

 It’s definitely okay to “pin” every great idea you see on Pinterest, but remember that you don’t *have* to be over the top to impress your guests!

2. “Keep the reception table centerpieces low so that your guests’ views aren’t blocked and they can easily talk to others at the table.” – Michele, Becker's Director of Online Sales


3. “Have everyone make their speeches early on in the evening before they drink a little too much. The speeches are the best part of a wedding reception, and you want everyone to bring their A-Game!” – Hannah M.


4. “When shopping for your dress the first time, don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to every dress. Most people don’t find their dress on the first try, and if you’re not 100% sure, take some time to think it over. A clear head kept me from buying a way-too-expensive dress I wasn’t totally into, and two weeks later I found the perfect one.” – Allison S.


5. “Be prepared for rejection by some of your guests. If people live out of town or have had a vacation planned for the day of your wedding, you can’t expect them to drop everything for your wedding. Also, don’t get all upset if your dream wedding venue is booked for the next three years. Breathe, and you’ll find an equally good one. Just do your research.” – Megan C.


6. “Don’t go dress shopping on your own (it’s good to have another set of eyes to help you), but also don’t feel the need to bring along 10 people. Not everyone is going to agree on a dress, especially when you have that many people. In the end, you’re the one who makes the decision.” – Margaret O.


7. “Ask your vendors for other vendor recommendations. Your caterer has probably catered several weddings before and can recommend a photographer they’ve seen at another wedding. Or, your photographer may know where the best local flower shop for bouquets is located. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and you’ll probably save a lot of time." – Amy E.


8. “Don’t forget to offer a vegetarian menu option. I’ve gotten wedding invites where the choices were just chicken, fish, or steak...what if you don’t eat meat? It might also be good to offer something gluten free, or at least have a section where your guest can mark that they are gluten free so they can be accommodated. You’re paying for each plate of food, so make sure your guest is taken care of.” – Gabriella M.


 We think all of these tips are so helpful and hope you do, too! Happy Planning!

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