Alternative Engagement Rings

Alternative Engagement Rings

            While white diamonds certainly are the most popular stone choice for engagement rings, “alternative” engagement rings featuring colored stones are a breath of fresh air perfect for the modern bride-to-be. If you want an engagement ring unlike the rest, consider incorporating gemstones into your ring, whether as your center stone or side stones to accompany your diamond.

            You’re likely going to be wearing your engagement ring every day, so this means you need a durable stone that can withstand everyday wear and tear (accidental bumps against objects and contact with soaps, lotions, and so on.). Before just choosing any stone for your engagement ring, we want you to be aware of a few things:

1.) The stone should be durable:
            It’s pretty difficult to damage a diamond, but many commonly used gemstones are soft in composition. Tanzanite, emerald, opal, turquoise, and moonstone are popular stone choices for rings, but they are soft and must be worn with caution, as they can be scratched or cracked without a lot of force. While we’re not saying you can’t use these stones in an engagement ring, you do have to be more mindful when wearing them.

            You may have also seen morganite engagement rings in your search for a unique ring. Morganite is a beautiful pale pink stone that is usually set in rose gold with a diamond halo. It offers a stunning bridal look, but again, it is a soft gemstone. Another thing to note about morganite is that its color will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight, which makes it not well-suited for frequent beach/vacation-goers, or those who live in warm climates and spend a lot of time outside.


                              Morganite Ring
This stunning morganite ring is available at our West Hartford store.


2.) Porous stones need to be cared for:
            Porous stones like opals, emeralds, turquoise, and pearls can be damaged by contact with certain types of soaps, bleach, vinegar (or anything acidic) among other substances. If one of these porous stones is part of your dream ring, we suggest that you take your ring off before cleaning around the house, showering, or even going to work, depending on your job.

            If this sounds like a hassle or something you may not remember to do, consider choosing a different stone—Remember, you want your engagement ring to last so you can preserve its sentimental meaning for years to come!

Our Recommendations for Alternative Engagement Rings

Colored Diamonds
            A colored diamond will set you apart while giving you the durability needed for an engagement ring. Black diamonds are striking with their deep onyx-like color, while cognac/champagne diamonds give off a lot of sparkle and a hint of color. If your budget allows, you may consider a more expensive colored diamond option—yellow, pink, and blue diamonds are all beautiful options for an engagement ring.

                                         Yellow Diamond

These yellow and white diamond engagement rings are available at our West Hartford store.


            Sapphire is the next hardest gemstone after a diamond. Sapphires come in a variety of colors, making it easy to match anyone’s style. Blue and pink are the most commonly chosen by our customers, but sapphires also come in red, orange, yellow, green, and purple.


This gorgeous deep blue oval sapphire ring surrounded by a diamond halo reminds us of Princess Diana’s (and now Kate Middleton’s) iconic ring. It is available at our West Hartford store.


This vintage three-stone blue-purple sapphire and diamond ring gives you a bridal look while still setting you apart. Shop this ring by clicking here:

            Ruby is another hard gemstone that can be worn daily. A ruby’s vibrant red color is a symbol of love and passion which makes it truly fitting for an alternative engagement ring.


This engagement ring features a beautiful emerald-cut ruby and diamonds on three sides of the shank, making it sparkle from every angle. It is available
at our West Hartford store.


Surrounded by a sparkling diamond halo, the ruby in this split-shank ring truly pops. Shop this gorgeous ring by clicking here:


Other Ways to Incorporate Color Into Your Engagement Ring

            If you don’t want your center stone to be colored, you can make your engagement ring unique by adding colored side stones. Your favorite color, birthstone, or your significant other's birthstone are variations that we’ve seen over the years. Or, you can add a gemstone halo around your center diamond. The only limit is your imagination!

                                                                     Sapphire Side Stone

This vintage three-stone engagement ring features a round transitional cut diamond as its center stone with a deep blue round sapphire on each side. Shop this stunning ring by clicking here:



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