At Becker’s, there’s nothing we love more than helping customers find the perfect engagement rings—except hearing the proposal stories! You may recall that this past August, everyone was enthralled by the solar eclipse, a magnificent astronomical phenomenon that left us in awe. The anticipation of this event was incredible, and was the inspiration for Eric and Katelyn's proposal!

 First came the ring:
        Eric came to Becker’s for the perfect custom engagement ring that would be as unique as his proposal: he wanted the ring to look like the solar eclipse. At Becker's, if you can dream it, we can create it! He and our senior custom designer, Michael, worked closely together to design the ring, a round white Fire & Ice diamond surrounded by a sparkling yellow diamond halo (to represent the moon in front of the sun).

        This stunning ring features custom engraving, including the couple’s initials, date and time of the eclipse, the latitude/longitude of the location of the proposal, as well as special symbols only known by the couple. The unique symbols were hand-drawn and skillfully engraved by our master goldsmith, John. We have to say, Eric, Michael, and John did a fabulous job!

Custom Solar Eclipse Ring
Custom ring engraving

Custom engraving
Then came the proposal:
        Eric had everything planned out perfectly before he designed the ring. He and Katelyn would take a trip to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming to watch the solar eclipse together on August 21, 2017.

        Little did Katelyn know, Eric would propose with the engagement ring specially designed for her during the height of the eclipse at exactly 11:36am. While the sky was at its darkest, Eric popped the question using a special lighted ring box which made the ring shine even more brilliantly. Katelyn said YES!

Eric and Katelyn

Custom Ring

        After the proposal, Eric learned of the eclipse phenomenon known as the diamond ring effect. As the moon moves away from blocking the sun, the ring of the sun's corona is accented with the brief flash of the first rays of light peeking out from behind the moon, and results in a momentary diamond ring in the sky. This was a celestial sign from the universe that the two are meant to be!
Diamond Ring Effect - Photo Credit: NASA

 Credit: NASA

        To Eric and Katelyn, we wish you two much happiness in the years ahead!

Thank you  for trusting Becker’s and Michael with this special custom ring. Your proposal story is one of the most memorable and we truly appreciate you allowing us to share it!


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