Your engagement ring and wedding band can be assets: learn how to use them!

Jewelry and accessories are precious allies in your daily life and have been for a long time! They strengthen and sublimate your personality and allow you to feel good about yourself.

All fashion lovers are obsessed with stackable rings, but only a few really know how to wear them with style. Apparently, the rule of the jewelry layering trend seems to be one: the more they are, the better.

But, obviously, it is not as simple as it seems: if you want to find out how to follow the hottest season trend, read below.

Personalized jewelry has become widely democratized!

These modern times follow trends towards eclecticism and singularity to assert your personality. I mean, what could be better than wearing three or more unique pieces with you that will help enrich your unique personality?

The key to not lose track of things and go overboard is to remember to follow a main concept. In short, juxtaposing rings at random might not be a good idea.

Instead, for a rich mix of styles, it is better to wear rings with the same starting concept, a common aspect (metals, gems, thinness, thickness, or styles). Once you have a shared feature, you can be playful with the others.

Highlighting your engagement ring (which usually has bolder stones) is a good idea. From there, you can think and orchestrate what looks good stacked on top or beside it.

“The three” trick

If you are not sure where to start, three is the perfect number. To wear multiple rings together in a cool way, you need to show off at least three at a time.

We suggest wearing your engagement ring between two other rings: your wedding band and a baguette ring (or straight).

Once you have three stackable rings working in your favor, you can then move on to another finger, and use the three you have as a starting point.

Here the designer's advice is to keep odd numbers.

Red alert

Keep in mind: adding too many rings to your fingers can be fatiguing. After many hours, even a few grams paired up can cause you discomfort, so it is better to bet on lightness.

Also, remember that stacking rings are a lot of fun but be careful not to ruin them. Rings with stones or with a particularly elaborate design can scratch nearby ones.

The no-symmetry club

Remember, we are offering you a starting point if you want to build stackable rings that assert your identity on your own. Creditable jewelry stores offer bridal sets where a designer has thought of everything for you, and even then, we always advise you to try on stackable ring combinations before making a decision.

Surprisingly, once you pair rings around the ones you have, the possibilities are infinite, and often what would seemingly look strange together takes on new merits side by side.

If you are in Old Saybrook or West Hartford, Connecticut, stop by Becker’s. Visiting a trusted jewelry store will give you valuable insight into your tastes and moods and how they come to life with stackable ring combinations.