Deciding how much you should spend on one of the most important purchases of your life is no easy task! Price is usually the #1 factor involved when a customer comes to us looking for an engagement ring. Keep reading to find out how much people are spending, and learn some tips to stay within your budget!

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             So, how much should you spend?

            Some people use the “salary rule” as a guideline, which means that the person buying the engagement ring should spend about 2 months’ salary on the ring. But we’re going to be honest—there’s really no true answer to how much you should spend on a ring!

What we can tell you, however, is that the $4,500 - $7,500 range is pretty popular lately.

            Your budget will depend on how much money you’ve set aside for this important purchase and any other situations that may affect you financially.  When coming up with your budget, it’s also important to know your partner’s expectations—they may not even want the fanciest ring you can find! But, if they do have an extravagant style and their dream ring isn’t within your budget right now or won’t be for a few years, don’t worry. There are options:

1. By going a fraction of a carat smaller, or changing a clarity grade, you can save a lot of money on the diamond.

        With regard to size, a 1-carat versus a 1.5-carat may not seem like a large difference to most people, but it can be when it comes to its cost. Better clarity grades can cost hundreds or even thousands dollars more depending on the size of the stone as well.

2. You can always upgrade the ring in the future!

We have had couples celebrating an anniversary or another special occasion come to us so they could upgrade their diamond/mounting for this exact reason.

            So in the end, while we can’t tell you how much to spend, we recommend that you spend an amount you’re comfortable with! You’ll want to be able enjoy the ring and not be constantly thinking about the strings attached to it. You can certainly find gorgeous styles in any price range at Becker's, so don’t feel like draining your bank account is the only way to get a beautiful ring!

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