How to measure ring size

Looking to buy a dazzling one of a kind ring? You’ve come to the right place!

At Becker’s, our plethora of ring styles and types are exactly what you’re looking for. 
Most importantly, however, you need to determine your ring size before you make a purchase.  

Whether you’re ordering a sparkling gemstone fashion ring for yourself online or wanting to make sure that that dreamy engagement ring fits perfectly, finding out your ring size has never been easier.  

You can do it all from the comfort of your own home! Because we value your experience as a member of our family, we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below about ring size and added a couple of industry tips to make it easier. 


How Is a Ring Supposed to Fit?


Now, this is where many people struggle, settling for a ring size simply because it fits “just fine.” This, however, isn’t the way to go. Getting the correct size for your finger is pertinent to keeping it secure.

If the ring is sized too big, your precious investment can easily slip off your finger without you realizing it.

Comfort is another big factor in ring sizing, as you want a ring you can gleefully wear whenever and for however long you want.  

This is where sizing a ring too small comes into play. Additionally, If a ring is too tight, it can cut off blood flow to your finger, putting you in a dangerous and precarious situation until you get it off.  

Just in between too tight and too loose is the magic sweet spot for rings. You want it to fit comfortably over your knuckle for easy accessibility: tight enough so that it doesn’t loosen up and fall, but loose enough so that it doesn’t leave a mark and cause discomfort. 


Measuring at Home

how to measure my ring size at home 

Determining your ring size at home is incredibly easy to do and provides just as accurate a measurement as going to a jeweler. Floss or any sort of thin string is wonderful household ways to see where the thickness of your finger lays.

With this, simply wrap it around the base of your finger and use a pen to mark the point where the two sides overlap.  

Then, take the string and measure the marked segment in millimeters and match the measurement to the appropriate size on a ring sizing chart.

Be careful to not pull the string too hard or stretch it as it can result in mismeasurement.  

Another easy way to determine your correct size is to simply use a ring that you already own and feel comfortable in.

By printing out a to-scale ring chart, you can line up your ring with the chart and see which printed ring it matches up best with!  

There are a few things to take into account when you’re measuring your ring size on your own. The size of your knuckle is a very important factor in the comfort and security of your ring.

If you feel that you have larger knuckles, you should order a half size larger than your base measurement to ensure ease when putting it on and taking it off.  

Secondly, the thickness of your finger changes minimally but frequently enough where we would suggest multiple measurements for an accurate reading. Body temperature is the determining factor here, so measuring it at different times in the day is best. 


What If I Order the Wrong Size?


If your ring doesn’t fit as planned or you’re worried that you might have ordered the wrong size from us, don’t worry! We would be more than happy to fix your problem and exchange it for the perfect fit. Or, if you prefer a professional sizing for an experience you won’t forget.