Jewelry Do's and Don'ts to Know and Remember

Jewelry Do's and Don'ts to Know and Remember

Follow these simple jewelry Do's & Don'ts to keep your jewelry safe and in great condition!

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•  Wash your hands with your rings on

            Contrary to popular belief, don’t take your rings off solely for the sake of washing your hands—you’ll risk dropping them down the drain! This is very important to remember when you’re in a public restroom. You could also forget to put them back on and they could get stolen before you even notice.

            Also remember: the reason why you wash your hands is to get rid of bacteria and dirt. Bacteria/dirt can build up in your ring's nooks and crannies, so if you take off your rings before washing your hands, you'll just be reintroducing the germs you just washed off.

           Mild soap won’t hurt your rings, however, if you’re planning on washing dishes or cleaning with harsh substances and chemicals, it’s best to take your rings off and stash them in your jewelry box where they’re safe.

  Wiggle your ring stones from time to time

            Over time, prongs can loosen from everyday wear, and this means that the stone(s) can fall out. If you feel that a stone is loose, stop wearing your ring ASAP and come see us—we’ll tighten those prongs at no charge!

  Clean your jewelry often

            It’s good to get into a routine of gentle jewelry cleaning, preferably weekly, to prevent soap and dirt build up. You’d be amazed at how quickly your jewelry can get very dirty, which greatly affects its appearance. See our DIY jewelry cleaning tips here:  and remember, you’re always welcome to bring your jewels to us to clean, free of charge! You can also purchase our signature Becker’s jewelry cleaner for just $6.00 a jar.

Insure it!

            We can’t stress how important it is to insure your jewelry. Losing a piece of jewelry or breaking it is much easier than you think. To supplement your insurance, Becker’s offers a special Peace of Mind Plan that you can purchase; it covers all jewelry repairs you may need without you having to submit an insurance claim. This plan does not cover lost or stolen jewelry.



  Don't sleep in your jewelry

            We do not recommend you sleep with any jewelry on! You risk bending earring posts, snapping chains, and getting necklaces and prongs caught on clothing and blankets, which can be dangerous for you.

  Don't wear your jewelry to the gym

            Necklaces can get caught in gym equipment which is dangerous for both you and your jewelry, and lifting weights can bend rings or hurt prongs (plus, it probably won’t feel good on your hands!). If you’re moving a lot, rings may slide off, or you could lose an earring. Leave your precious jewels at home.

  Don't wear loose rings (or rings that are too tight)

            During the fall and winter months, your rings may feel loose. If you’ve lost weight, your finger size may have changed as well. It’s not a good idea to wear a ring that’s not the perfect size, because it could easily fall off when you’re not paying attention. Consider resizing, adding sizing beads to the inside of the band, or adding a ring guard which can be added and taken off depending on your needs.
          Similarly, wearing a ring that's too tight is dangerous, especially in the summer months. It can cut off your circulation, and even get stuck to the point where it must be cut off. Save yourself a trip to the ER and come to us to size up your ring!

  Don't store your jewelry without a proper box or pouch

            A good jewelry box or pouch has separate compartments for necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. Don’t store necklaces without hanging them up or laying them flat, or else your chains will get all tangled up.

            Rings, when not stored properly, can scratch one another and your other jewels. Note that diamonds can scratch other diamonds and gemstones, too!

            Lastly, if you toss your earrings together in one compartment, you’ll have trouble finding a matched pair and risk losing them as you pull other pairs out in your search.

 We hope that this list was helpful and that you take special care of your jewelry!
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