Lab Grown Diamonds at Becker's

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are a new and exciting, sustainable option for those looking to mark the most special moments in their lives. Lab grown diamonds are NOT simulants, or fake diamonds. They will pass any diamond verification test!

Lab grown diamonds have the exact same physical, chemical, and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds. The only difference between them is their origin: a state of the art laboratory versus the earth.

Lab grown diamonds are certified by the same independent gemological labs which grade mined diamonds. 


This side-by-side comparison shows a lab grown diamond and an earth mined diamond with the same carat size, color, and clarity.
You will notice that they are almost identical! No two diamonds, even earth mined, are ever completely identical. Each diamond is unique in its own way.

Lab grown versus earth mined diamond


Why Choose a Lab Grown Diamond?

Sustainable: Environmental impact is significantly reduced in comparison to earth mined diamonds

Bigger & brighter diamonds for less money compared to a mined diamond with the same properties

Just like mined diamonds, you can choose your preferred shape, color, and clarity

Beauty & quality


How They Are Grown

1. The finest quality diamond seeds are selected and then placed in special diamond greenhouses where “below earth” conditions have been recreated.

2. Under these conditions, carbon atoms crystalize layer by layer on a diamond seed.

3. With high grade tools and techniques compliant with those of the industry, specialized diamond cutters cut and polish the diamonds.



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