2021 Jewelry trends: impossible not to want them!

Do you like to be in the spotlight? Then your time has come! In the new season, classic and traditional styles are giving way to daring, creative, and experimental jewelry forms.


This season, jewelry will mark the most relevant accessories. From creative diamond engagement rings to colorful jewelry, we are in love with the fashion wave in the new season of 2021.

1. Engagement Rings

Love is unconquerable, and even the drawbacks of 2020 were not enough to stop many celebrities from getting married last year.

Here is why: couples are longing for interesting, unique, and rare. And that means even more stunning bridal jewelry.


Gabriel & Co. bridal has explored every nuance in modern couples' journey for self-discovery and creativity and is now carrying distinctive engagement rings that elevate the idea of beauty.


ArtCarved is brimming with bridal pieces with so much beauty you will just want to wear them forever. There is a power in ArtCarved's creations that allows every bride (and soon-to-be bride) to see their individuality and passion in true tokens of love.

2. Wedding bands

The love trend goes on as strong as ever, but with an extra twist: couples had more time in their hands, and with that, there is a desire to acquire jewelry that will be even more creative and personalized.


Vow renewals have marked the celebrations for "new beginnings" starting 2021, and men and women are feeling very ready to wear a new band that symbolizes the new stage in their lives and relationships.


Simon G. offers brilliant wedding bands that are utterly romantic. Find a Simon G. wedding band to enhance the one you have or to stack against new rings. Explore the rich details and extraordinary craft of Simon G.'s fine pieces.


Triton pieces are stylish, unique, and magnetic. Modern men adore the endless possibilities that stand out when compared to traditional bands. Here there is richness in details and a fearless touch to every piece. He will see himself and be proud with a Triton design.

3. Diamond jewelry

Many designers seem to have drawn inspiration from the sparkle of the starry sky. Multi-faceted diamonds are embodied in a variety of accessories - from massive earrings to station necklaces.


The choice of fashionable jewelry with diamonds is truly endless. Set with an abundance of stones and glimmering pendants are suitable to wear with an evening dress as well as casual yet sophisticated outfits.


Vahan's well-recognized sterling silver and 14K gold bracelets are simple, elegant, and look incredible in a variety of combinations. These are pieces that will become special and easily reflect how you see yourself—gorgeous and unique!

4. Colored gemstones

It is official. Large colored stones in jewelry will rule 2021 outfits. Self-isolation has left us tired of restraint and lack of reasons to go out. This is the season to declare ourselves and shine with vivid colors!


Jewelry featuring gemstones can bring out shades in our outfits, and enhance our eye or hair color. They allow for monochromatic combinations as well as a blend of complementary colors.


Gabriel & Co. fashion offers bright and enchanting jewelry that will immediately catch attention. The brand's incredible colored stackable bands will also help create the illusion of the size with stacked rings.

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