August Birthstone: Peridot

            August babies, it’s time to celebrate! Your birthstone is the green gemstone, peridot. Bright and invigorating, this gem will certainly put some pep in your step.

  Peridot earrings and ring
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About Peridot

            According to the American Gem Society, “Ancient Egyptians called peridot the ‘gem of the sun,’ believing it protected its wearer from terrors of the night. Egyptian priests believed that it harnessed the power of nature, and used goblets encrusted with it to commune with their nature gods.” In addition to being a protector, some believe that peridot possesses healing properties, and ensures happiness and peace.
Gabriel & Co Style LR50890W45PE

Gabriel & Co. 14k white gold peridot and diamond halo ring
Style # LR50890W45PE

            Peridot is the gem variety of the mineral olivine, and its vibrant color comes from the composition of the mineral, instead of trace impurities as in many other gems. Peridot comes from many places around the world, including Arizona, Myanmar, China, Pakistan, and Africa (Reference: American Gem Society).

       Gabriel & Co. Peridot Necklaces
Gabriel & Co. Peridot Necklaces, L-R:
14K White Gold Peridot Halo Necklace- NK647W44PE
Sterling Silver Peridot and Diamond Necklace - NK5241SV5PE
14K Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Necklace - NK5312Y45PE


          Peridot is not a very hard gemstone, measuring around 6.5 - 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale (whereas diamonds measure a 10), which makes it prone to cracking during the cutting process. However, once cut, it’s a fairly durable stone that you can wear as much as you'd like!

Gabriel & Co Style  LR50889W4JPE

Gabriel & Co. 14k white gold peridot stackable band
Style #LR50889W4JPE

Wearing Peridot

            Peridot is such an easy to wear gem because it matches everything—It enhances neutral colors (making it the perfect complement to any eye/hair colors), and it also pops when accessorized with bright colors such as pinks and purples. You really can’t go wrong with peridot! It looks great whether it’s set in yellow, white, or even rose gold.

Gabriel & Co EG10049Y4JPE
Gabriel & Co. 14k yellow gold peridot earrings
Style #EG10049Y4JPE

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