How to Layer Your Necklaces

Layering necklaces is the hottest trend right now, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions from customers about how to do it tastefully. Here are some tips so you can layer like a pro!


1. Space your necklaces 1" – 2" Apart
Try not to wear two necklaces of the same length because they're likely to get tangled. Necklaces of the same length also tend to hide one another, and that’s the one thing you want to avoid when layering!

Many necklaces are adjustable with extra rings on the chain, which allows you to wear them shorter or longer whenever you’d like, making it easy to customize your look.

2. Wear 2 – 4 Necklaces
Any more than 4 may begin to look bit busy, but in all honesty, you can really do whatever you’d like! If you love the way you look, then that's all that matters.

I personally prefer 2 two small pendants, one 16” and the other 18” long. This way, they don’t get tangled and you allow each pendant to be seen. These delicate diamond pendants are perfect for layering:

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rose gold circle

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initial pendant

Yellow Gold Diamond 'R' Initial Pendant: $649.00
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3. Wear More Than One Style of Necklace

The general rule of thumb is to wear smaller pendants on top, and let larger pendants hang lower.

I like to pair our yellow gold diamond moon necklace with a plain, almost choker-length thick gold rope chain (sold separately) for an easy-to-wear look. You can shop the moon pendant here and shop our selection of chains online and in-store.

For a unique look that combines two totally different styles, try wearing a key pendant ($609.00) and let it hang down into a chevron ($619.00):

necklaces mixed styles

4. Mix Your Metals
Don’t be afraid to wear more than one metal color - the rule about matching your pieces is long passé! Mix your rose gold with yellow gold, yellow gold with white gold, and so on - whatever combo you like best! mixed metals

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Other Tips:

- Amp up your necklace game by wearing a lariat or “Y” drop necklace on the bottom to give you a bit more length and add a unique touch to your look. Shop the REALM Coronet Lariat in sterling silver & 18k yellow gold vermeil here

realm lariat

- Necklaces in the 24” – 33” range can be worn with almost any type of necklace(s) because they hang much lower – You’ll draw attention to your neckline with the smaller necklaces, but it won’t be overpowering because of the differences in length!

- If you have a bold statement choker or collar necklace, pair it with one or two small pendants to balance your look. We used photo editing software to show you how REALM's Sceptre Collar Necklace could complement the diamond pendants we showed you before:

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Choker necklace



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