Why is the wedding ring worn on the left hand?

Why is the wedding ring worn on the left hand?

How it started


Like most things, it started with the Egyptians, and it was later adopted by Greeks, and subsequently, Romans.  

Egyptians believed that there was a vein in the ring finger that directly connected it to the heart. The Romans even had a special name for it: vena amoris - “the vein of love". If a person put a ring on their ring finger, it signified that their heart was already taken.

If you think about it, even today, we still think in terms of vena amoris. The round shape of rings, with no beginning or end, symbolizes infinity and eternity.  

The noble metals from which wedding rings are traditionally made are well-known symbols of purity. 


How are they customized for love? 


The appearance of wedding rings over their centuries-old history has undergone several changes. Initially, wedding rings used to be extremely simple, but now more and more young couples choose rings in designs that come with interspersed stones and combinations of precious metals. 

Gold used to be an all-time favorite, but modern newlyweds are increasingly choosing other metals, like platinum and palladium or alloys such as tungsten.

On wedding rings, there are ornaments, images, inscriptions, which have special symbolic meaning for the couple. 

Such rings are not only an attribute of the conclusion of a union but also become a talisman, an amulet of sweethearts. On the inner rim of the ring are engraved words, confessions, or even the name of a loved one.


Some wedding ring traditions from around the world


First things first, a wedding ring is not worn on the left hand everywhere. It is all a matter of tradition, religion, family principles, and the comfort for each of the spouses.  

No formal legislation exists in this regard. In Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Brazil, before the wedding, the ring is worn on the right hand, and after, on the left. Whereas, in Germany and the Netherlands for example, lovers wear gold wedding rings on their left hand before the wedding, and on the right hand after the ceremony, which marks a change in social status in these cultures. 

According to Jewish tradition, the groom puts the ring on the index finger of the right hand. After the marriage, the bride usually puts this ring on the ring finger of the same hand.


Alternative ways to wear a wedding ring with other rings


Many women like to wear their engagement rings alongside their wedding rings and embrace how beautiful both rings look together on the same finger, but that always depends on the design of the jewelry. 

As new trends and fashion go, there are no forbidden combinations: you can allow yourself options depending on your style or the wardrobe chosen for the current day. 

Endearing, non-standard ring shapes also allow you to experiment with wearing methods: together, separately, on fingers next to or on different hands. Sets with a design where the ring repeats the bend of the other invariably attract attention.   

Whichever rich traditions your country and culture adopt, wedding rings are always a symbol of commitment, love, and devotion. Their real power lies in what the wearer believes and sees in them. 

No matter the preferred hand, wedding rings somehow keep us connected to our significant other, evoking moments to be forever cherished and remembered.


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