Happy birthday month, September babies! The always stunning sapphire is your birthstone – it’s one of the most prized gemstones after diamonds for its beauty, durability, and ties to royalty.

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        Sapphire has been thought to possess different powers throughout history. In ancient times, it was believed that sapphire would protect its wearer from evil. Today, it represents wisdom, trust, and loyalty. Sapphire jewelry makes great gifts for anniversaries and birthdays of loved ones for this reason.

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       While blue is the color most commonly associated with this gem (“Sapphire” is actually derived from the Latin word for blue, after all) sapphires come in a whole range of colors—orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white! Red sapphires would actually be classified as ruby, as they have the same chemical composition.

Unlike most birthstones, sapphire allows September babies to choose the color that represents them and their style. How lucky are they?

colored sapphires
From top to bottom: Pink, yellow, blue, and purple sapphire.
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       Sapphire is a very durable gemstone, almost as hard as a diamond. This is why it makes a great choice for engagement rings (Read more about “alternative” engagement rings here) as well as fashion jewelry you’ll wear every day.
       Princess Diana’s royal engagement ring, featuring an oval blue sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo, is one of the most iconic pieces of sapphire jewelry. Now that Kate Middleton wears it as her engagement ring, this ring is sure to reign throughout history.

princess diana ring

Image credit: CloserWeekly.com

        Although many envision a clear, glasslike stone when they hear the word “sapphire”, there are also star sapphires. They’re opaque, cabochon stones that exhibit a star design in different lighting:star sapphire

Image Credit: The Natural Sapphire Company


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