Engagement Rings in Connecticut

It's finally that time in your life! You and your partner have been together for a while now, and it’s time to show how much love you really have for one another. Let us help you find the perfect match and make that next step together.  

Now, as you’re probably already aware, there are many different types of engagement rings, and we’re proud to carry such a big selection! But don’t worry, there is absolutely no need to be overwhelmed by quantity. While we’re more than happy to explain different styles and help you find out which is the best fit when you come into our stores, we’ve compiled a list here for you as well so that you can learn on your own time.


Solitaire Setting


A timeless setting to match with any style, the simplicity of the solitaire engagement ring holds a coveted place in jewelry history. Characterized by the presence of only a single diamond, the center stone is designed to be the dazzling focal point 

The unadorned gold or platinum shank does not compete with the sparkle of the center diamond, and as a bonus, it provides a wonderful opportunity to gaze at the splendor of the multiple diamond shapes it can hold. Ultimately, the solitaire is an elegant option that is perfect for any price range.

Halo Setting


Perhaps one of the most classic and world-renowned styles, the halo setting continues to be a designer favorite that offers timeless elegance. Characterizing the famous style is a gemstone outline of the center stone. While the outline is usually made up of diamonds in a round cut setting, the types of the gem used and the cut of the center stone are open to the creativity of the designer. 

Even the cut of the halo stones is open to interpretation, with many contemporary designers experimenting to create halos made up of multiple cuts in an abstract but cohesive shape. The style does, however, need to at least appear to completely encircle the center stone, evoking the shape of a halo.

Meant to create the illusion of larger center stone, engagement rings can also feature the elegant double halo, with two rows encircling the center stone. Another option is the dazzling hidden halo, making your stone appear larger by having a halo sit just below the crown rather than framing it. 


Split Shank


With a split shank engagement ring, you get all the elegance of a wideband without the bulky appearance. Here, designers defy the traditional linear shank to create a delicate design where shanks split and follow their own unique path. Sometimes separating into two or three segments, it is up to the designer whether that split should happen close to the stone to give it a lovely framing, or further down the band to form a light and airy illusion.




If you’re truly looking for a one of a kind engagement band, bypass engagement rings offer a level of imagination and fun you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Similar to the split shank style where a linear path isn’t followed, a bypass ring does something wholly different - it doesn’t meet the middle of the center stone at all!  

Instead, as the name goes, it bypasses it and offers a different way to frame your shimmering diamond. Sometimes, part of the shank curves around the center stone in a continuous loop; other times, it lightly graces the edge and leads to the appearance that the center diamond is floating. 

Three Stone


Similar to the halo setting, three stone engagement rings have such a significant place in jewelry history that designers love to highlight them in their collections. Simply put, the style features a stone on both sides of the center diamond, completing the trio. 

 While the center stone is usually the center of attention, designers have the choice to choose smaller side stones that highlight the center or create a more cohesive look with similarly sized stones. For a more statement look, many feature side stones of a different gem or cut to add a contrast that stands out. 

Start your engagement ring search online here or book an in-store appointment with one of our Engagement Ring Consultants in West Hartford or Old Saybrook. We would be honored to help you make that special moment unforgettable!