Our annual wedding band sale is happening now through March 31st, 2018 at our West Hartford and Old Saybrook stores! Before you go ring shopping, you should know about the main types of wedding bands:
Classic, Modern, Gemstone, and Curved

                  First, here are some general tips for picking out a wedding band:
Choose a band that complements your engagement ring, and doesn't take away from it. With some rings, less is more!
Consider the look of the band when worn on its own if you often have to take your engagement ring off for work, travel, and so on. This is particularly important if you're thinking about a curved band that fits your engagement ring.
Many of our customers prefer a band that has stones slightly larger than the band of their engagement ring, although exact matches look lovely, too!
Classic Bands
Eternity bands feature stones that go all the way around the ring. Other popular styles have stones that go half-way or three-quarters down the ring. These types of classic bands can be made with any shape diamond/gemstones or metal color, making it easy to match your ring! 
Below are three of our top selling band styles: Shared prong (left), pavé (middle) and channel set (right)
shared prong band         pavé  wedding band              channel set band
Modern Bands
Modern style bands can include a range of styles. Geometric shapes and cut-out designs accented with diamonds add a fun twist to your bridal set. These wedding bands double as fashionable stacking rings, which is great if you need to leave your engagement ring at home for work or travel.

Tell your unique story with your ring stack by representing life's special moments, such as anniversies, birth of a child, job promotions, and any other moment near and dear to you.
yellow gold shape band ArtCarved leaf band      ArtCarved twist diamond band
Don't be afraid to mix your metals! Mixed bridal sets are in style and for a good reason. Add contrast to a white gold engagement ring with a rose gold or yellow band for a unique stack that pops! Below, see ArtCarved engagement ring "Clarissa" shown with a rose gold diamond band:
artcarved set Gemstone Bands
Add color to your bridal set by opting for a gemstone ring. Your loved one's birthstone might inspire your ring design, or choose your favorite color. If your engagement ring features a colored gemstone, you can match your wedding band to it, or go for a diamond band! Wedding bands by Gabriel & Co.:
            colored gem bands by Gabriel & Co.       
Curved Bands
Many of our customers like the look of a band that fits around the curves of their engagement ring instead of a straight band. Depending on the design of your engagement ring, your wedding band may not fit flush against your ring. While there is absolutely no problem with this, some people do prefer the flush look. If you can't find the perfect fit, we can custom design a band for you!

curved band                                      curved band
For the guys, check out our collections of men's wedding bands here:
men's wedding bands

When you're ready to come find your perfect wedding band, we'll be ready to help!

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