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Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas is here! Wouldn't you like to make it unforgettable by presenting the special people in your life with a gift that endures for many decades to come? Jewelry is spellbinding to wear, and we love to look at it because it is so eternal.

The right jewelry has the power to enhance the natural beauty of the woman wearing it and will help her remember your thoughtfulness every time she sees it.

After you decorate for the season, it’s time to find the gifts that will “wow”. This guide will provide you with plenty of inspiration and tips to spoil your loved ones!


1. Diamond Studs

Diamond stud earrings are the most classic gift you can give and are staples for any jewelry box. They showcase beauty and elegance and make an exceptional gift for any occasion-especially the holidays.

Whether worn at work or on a special occasion, a pair of stud earrings will immediately catch the eye. Diamond studs often appear on the red carpet because they make gorgeous combinations with any jewelry pieces. Shop our collections of earth mined and lab grown diamond studs!


2. Gabriel & Co. Fashion Jewelry

Every woman would love to open her jewelry box and find a Gabriel & Co. piece. The brand is famous for its artistic creations and modern touch.

Gabriel & Co. jewelry designs are adorned with leaves, pearls, geometric pendants, unique angles, and spikes—all in precious metals and countless encrusted diamonds. We love it!

Gabriel & Co. is an essential part of a jewelry collection, so your chances of impressing with this gift are extremely high! The timeless shapes of Gabriel & Co. jewelry are not only comfortable to wear but allow light to reflect in all the facets of the diamonds and shine brilliantly.


3. Diamond Necklaces

Beautiful necklaces in yellow, white, or rose gold will add a delicate touch and sparkle to any outfit, making them flawless and gracious gifts!

There are numerous options: a classic diamond solitaire pendant, diamond halo pendant, bar necklace, or imagine a heart-shaped diamond necklace , all perfect looks for Christmas.

Show your love in the details. Diamond necklaces are timeless, elegant, and always on-trend. You can find options for minimalist ladies as well as more extravagant versions.


4. Diamond Bracelets

Would you like to impress? Give her a beautiful diamond bracelet for Christmas. They are must-have jewels in every woman's collection, especially the classic diamond line style, commonly referred to as a tennis bracelet.

Keeping your budget in mind, you can increase the number of diamonds (carat weight) or opt for sleek cuffs and bangles. One thing is sure: an aesthetic diamond bracelet turns heads.

Give in to the allure of trendy diamond bracelets available in many designs. They are ideal for highlighting the beauty of diamonds.

Different types of metals are available, such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold! We guarantee this shiny piece of jewelry will delight its receiver!

5. Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry with gemstones makes colorful and vibrant gifts. Their rarity hides fascinating and mysterious stories with meaning and symbolism.

Depending on the feeling you would like to communicate, you can choose a lovely bracelet, a necklace, or a heart-warming pendant with a stone that fully reflects it.

Here are the most popular gemstone jewel gifts:

Sapphire Jewelry

Blue sapphire jewels are classics beloved by all women. Thanks to its timeless charm, it is among the most gifted treasures. The reason is simple: the blue sapphire ring is associated with peace and happiness.

Beautiful and precious sapphires also symbolize honor and loyalty. Succumb to the blue that evokes memories of blue oceans before nightfall and the sea breeze. Giving sapphires is a sign of goodness, wisdom, and truth.

Emerald Jewelry

Emerald jewels endow with the power of fascination. They are the object of longing, connection with nature, and the memory of rainforests. Due to its sovereign color, the emerald has always made the most feminine jewels.

An emerald gift conveys love, rebirth, and permanence. Once considered the "mother of all stones", the most popular emeralds gifts have an intense green and will remind them of you for years to come.


Ruby Jewelry

Rare and stunning, rubies are rich jewels that evoke the medieval gem of kings and queens. Rubies are naturally associated with courage, passion, victory, charity, and, of course, love.

Gift with rubies will have a fantastic meaning to a sweetheart, but they are also the birthstone of July and will make an exceptional Christmas gift to a treasured mother.


6. Estate Jewelry

Estate jewels are one of a kind; they carry a vintage aura from different eras and include contemporary jewelry.

This is the choice to make if you are looking for a very precious gift. Estate jewelry is guaranteed to make that special person’s day.

Presenting someone with Estate jewelry draws inspiration from past times, romance, architectural elements, and they always feature an intriguing story.

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