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Who else wants a wowing Engagement Ring?
Imagine a romantic setup with candle lights, soft music, and a place that means something to the two of you. You kneel down in front of her, open a pocket-sized box, and show her a stunning engagement ring while asking her to be yours forever.
Here we cover all you need to know about engagement rings so this make-believe will come true with much more perfection than you expect. 


Engagement Rings are a significant
representation of the two of you

By wearing your engagement ring, your girl shows the world she is taken and proud of her gift, she is proud to have you, and she is proud of you. This happens because engagement rings are something visual, easy to spot, and that convey value and meaning. So, if you believe no one will notice if you don’t put some effort into the choice, the truth is everybody will. 

Dive deep in the world of engagement rings because it will give you confidence and knowledge enough to purchase a symbol of your love, fortune, and it will convey a message that you waste no efforts achieving what you want. 

Transforming a plain choice
into something beautiful

When you think about engagement rings, there are several ways in which the structure of a band surrounds a central stone and holds it in place.  The most common settings are the solitaire, the halo, the three-stone, the split shank, the bypass, and the crisscross. 
If none of these resonate with you, jewelry stores with talented artisans always showcase free-form engagement rings. Becker’s jewelry store in Connecticut showcases incredible shapes—from outside-the-box forms to all the classics in gorgeous reinterpretations. 
The six loyal metals
You’ve decided on the perfect setting, the shape that is the epitome of the two of you, now which precious metal to choose?

Yellow Gold

When looking for bold and enthusiastic, yellow gold is always trendy. It brings to memory Egyptian inheritances, it is a strong feature in the Italian segment, and it showcases glamour and confidence. 

White Gold

Gold is an incredibly resistant material that will not rust. For a less dramatic choice, we recommend white gold. Its subtle tones speak of elegance and a longstanding effect. 


If your style as a couple is laidback and you like boho-chic elements, sterling silver will make your heart beat faster. It is a firm and durable metal that is easy to maintain and makes one think of Roman and ancient articles of silver that are now true relics. 

The metal to withstand the highest or lowest temperatures, platinum rings are naturally white and completely stainless, in other words, a platinum piece of jewelry will not tarnish over time, it will keep its shine for long years to come. It is also hypoallergenic; it will not create any skin reactions!
Palladium is rare, lighter than gold and it emanates a natural gray color. If you enjoy incredible materials in neutral tones, you will not regret the investment. 
Tungsten is nearly impossible to wear down, it is a fine-looking and adorned option for those who perform any type of manual work or hobby. 

If I purchase an engagement ring now, should we invest in a wedding band later?

This is a matter of personal preference. Engagement rings and wedding bands represent different things, are purchased at different stages of your relationship, and often work more in the lines of complementing each other than replacing the other. But if you favor a bigger wedding reception, or an unforgettable honeymoon and decide together that you two will be more than content to have her wear her engagement ring as a wedding band, go for it. 
Two tips that will get you a long way: if down the line you feel your wife regrets not having a wedding band, you can always surprise her with one. Also, know that while an engagement ring can be worn as a wedding band, never use a wedding band for an engagement proposal because it may feel like you are shortcutting a beautiful season of your relationship and you should always discuss if not getting a wedding band for her is the best option for the two of you.
Which of these seven diamond shapes do you long for?
Ideal for large and central stones, the cushion cut is clean and well defined, a voguish and artistic creation.
Contrary to what many think, the emerald cut has nothing to do with the green gem, this glassy cut is done longways and optimizes a rectangular form for surreal light reflection. 
For balance and sharpness, the marquise is a regal cut that makes the outline of engagement rings look even more well designed and incorporated. 
The princess cut is lovely and evokes fairytales. The cut tends to look better in smaller hands. It isn’t only utterly charming, but it takes precision is the corners and details. 
The teardrop (or pear) cut is a prestigious and fresh silhouette, this cut is as romantic as a goodnight kiss; fit for those who seek urbane and unconventional styles. 
Oval and Round Cuts
Classic, dreamy, and bright are all qualities of oval and round cuts. The craft involved speaks of pledges and unbreakable oaths. 

Dozens of customers have found the engagement ring that combines all elements we discussed here into a ring so dazzling and personalized they cannot believe they are so lucky to have such a legacy right in West Hartford and Old Saybrook. 
If you are looking for engagement rings in Connecticut, take advantage of all Becker’s has to offer. Their staff is friendly and well-versed in jewelry. They work with disputed designers and quality materials. At Becker’s you too can find a wowing engagement ring. 
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