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Bypass Engagement Rings in Connecticut

How this jewelry brand from Connecticut is modernizing the timeless bypass engagement ring

Bypass engagement rings arose in the Romantic Era and continue to evoke an artistic and historical effect in modern interpretations—the perfect blend for romantics!

Bypass engagement rings are sealed with symbolism and meaning, they revive the delightful and immaculate Queen Victoria and her prince consort’s love story.

As Queen Victoria’s wedding conveyed the spirit of love and a perfect union that embodied marriage, bypass rings evoke sentimentalism and togetherness as two halves meet in a dashing junction (or overlap).

From there, we have the most beautiful and brightest precious stones - emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and, of course, diamonds. Topazes, amethysts, and aquamarines also make for unforgettable vows.

The Victorian was one of the periods with more long-lasting jewelry designs not to mention its magnetism to the profundity of love after death.

The craving for this style has never faded, and now Becker’s reinvents modern twists with an abundance of metal on display in unexpected configurations at distinct fractions of a ring.

The two-section style introduces motifs and settings in well-delineated contours. Becker’s impresses with white and rose metals intertwined, leaving behind antique tones and elevating the utmost contemporary designs. Fine white gold patterns make one bow to the art and detail implemented by creative masters.

Becker’s applaud one of the most interesting jewelry styles from a historical period and reinterpret it for the ravishment of dreamers of romance and soulmates. We break new ground with ultramodern designs for a corresponding era.

The exchange of jewelry gifts to a significant other often carries intimate messages. Here the inspiration comes from an era when the whole design and materials used were imbued with a secret meaning. Shapes allude to the emotions that fill these memorable gifts.

We see intricate jewelry with flawless diamonds for the utmost expression of love. Win your beloved’s heart by indulging her with captivating rings that encompass achievements from jewelers belonging to the 19th century who still color and reshape our world, symbolizing the endurance of love and the legacy of jewelry making.

Our modern approach to antique masterpieces astonishes in detail and flawless finishing lines. Becker’s introduces extraordinary elements that seem to ramify in opposed directions only to realign and combine a variety of different forms in a single ring. At the center, an outstanding and angular stone finishes the piece exquisitely: a phenomenal combination of metals embracing a center stone.

Becker’s is widely known for the quality of its jewelry and it surprised with its range of products. You can browse our assortment, as well as learn more about profitable offers on our website. Our stylish products carry a sense of taste with a unique signature.

Our bypass engagement rings are original in design, minimalistic, practical, and beautiful at the same time. Their presentation stands out for its exceptional and glossy style.

Get ready to feel the shape and presentation of a Becker’s bypass ring. We treasure historical pieces with new knowledge and new manufacturing techniques, we are not afraid to change and learn new things, to seek an impacting approach to traditional pieces.

We are pleased to bring a new vision of style to the image of modern people seeking to kindle passion with this delicate yet magical symbol of romance. Our rings transcend in quality level: they are refined, skillful, and radiant.

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