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Criss Cross Engagement Rings in Connecticut

Engagements are singular moments marked by mutual love between pairs, and rings are the visual markers of such anticipated unions.

Over the history of jewelry, an extraordinary number of the most diverse forms of rings have been created to represent this very moment.

The tradition might date back to the era of antiquity, but their power and symbolism are just as strong.

The ultimate selection of Criss Cross Engagement Rings

Crisscrossed engagements rings are not just spectacular jewelry, but also powerful talismans that protect love and family happiness. That is why the choice of such jewelry should be conscious: the style, shape, metal, inlay, and stone are of fundamental importance.

Our wedding collection will surprise you with its variety: the assortment includes models with engraving, classic, decorated with diamonds, and multi-colored gold.

Becker’s impresses with craftsmanship and supremacy when designing minimalist engagement rings, the jewelers confer elegance in a modern choice that hints at a more embodied style due to the beautifully intersected lines of the crisscrossed-rings trend.

Thanks to the curved design, the stones are formidably adjacent to each other, and from several simple rings, you can create new unusual combinations.

Some crisscrossed options include two shades of precious metal that at once look interesting and unusual.

When purchasing engagement accessories made of the precious metal in two colors, you get a universal decoration that will perfectly harmonize with other rings and earrings from your collection.

Our captivating options include vintage and original models, they impress not only by their quality but ethereal radiance.

As for prices, we carry affordable options you can easily see by visiting our grid. Whatever style you would prefer, we are always ready to offer you a wide range of hypnotizing jewelry at the most affordable prices.

Here at Becker’s, we regard our engagement rings not as a single occasion, but as an ongoing celebration of love and togetherness. Our crisscross rings express that connection to perfection with noble metals basked in diamonds that unlace and wind around each other.

Link yourself to those you love with one of our intricate pieces, the ceremony will pass, but your ring will forever eternalize it.

A feature of rings from over two thousand years ago has survived to this day. We are proud to render customers speechless with our remarkable designers and products that are just so reliable and worthy of your pledge and demonstration of care, treasuring, and devotion.

A. Jaffe dazzles with a gorgeous vine motif in crossing lines of white gold 18k. Simon G. weaves precious metal into drastic contours.

Stuller showcases amazing structures in white gold 14k, the meticulous selection of diamonds along the bands are handpicked by masterful artisans. Moreover, our crisscrossed ring style combines perfectly with other pieces of jewelry.

Flawless from every angle in scintillating shine and elegantly polished, our crisscross engagement rings are favorite suitors for an unforgettable experience filled with joy and happiness.

Tenderness and radiance every day - with the crisscrossed engagement rings collection. Wearing it, your partner will instantly feel loved, and for a second forget everything else but you!

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