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Engagement Rings in Connecticut

They originated in ancient Egypt as a symbolic circle of immortal alliances. Engagement rings were also used in Roman times where lovers presented the ring with a small key.

The Romans regarded the carved key as a symbol of the protection and appreciation of the giver’s heart. The ring is worn on the fourth finger on the left hand, because the Greeks believed it contained a vein leading to the heart, and because we love to continue ancient traditions, this custom is still widespread and seen as a promise of faithful love.

Where to buy different types of engagement rings

Engagement rings are the most significant of all jewelry because they are designed to hold two people’s fates together. Made of noble metals with precious gems or diamonds, engagement rings, like any other type of jewelry, can have different styles.

For those looking for a twist in the traditional forms of diamond settings, Becker’s has the ultimate free form with exquisitely ornate models. We offer design solutions for those not seeking typical engagement ring patterns but have their own quirky sketch ideas and whims.

After all, it is your dream, your wedding, your rules. Taking that into consideration, we have prepared the most interesting and unusual jewelry.

Feel free to break the rules! The couple can choose a different ring style for each. You may have different tastes because you are different people!

You get married because you complement, not repeat, each other. Be brave! Your main consultant is your heart. Your new family will be unique, your engagement ring should be the same.

To choose the right engagement ring with a stone, you need to decide on the cut, size, and type of mineral. Awe-inspiring stones for engagement rings are precious: diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby.

Becker’s understands when buying engagement rings, you are purchasing an art piece to be worn daily, and because of that, we make them with the utmost comfortability in mind.

Our jewelry designs offer several inlay options, including along the side of the ring, we have formidable, fashionable solutions for smaller and sparkly adornments.

For the universal, centuries-tested option: the favorite yellow gold or the less common pink, with majestic stones of various shapes, designs in an incredibly large assortment. We also bring combined golds while still harmonious and stylish.

Our arresting free forms include Simon G., who impresses with sensational flowery inspired beauty with a Victorian touch under blended golds and radiant 2.45 cts diamonds for petals.

Stuller embraces the magnetism of yellow gold with a channel setting arranged almost diagonally with an unprecedented appeal. If your passion is white gold, Stuller misleads by placing a round diamond on a square tray with a band so intricately designed you won't be able to stop thinking about it.

Your engagement ring should sit within the framework of your own style: think about the original pieces you already own, it is a good idea to correlate the design of the ring with the existing wardrobe and its prospects for the near future.

Our free form engagement rings are unconventional designs for unconventional people!
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