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You are about to learn every secret about Wedding Bands


Wedding bands have always been a symbol of eternal love: it is no coincidence that gold is in the background of icons and decorations of many churches, from the architectural adornments to the golden leaves used to portray angels’ wings during the renaissance.

To such meaningful artifacts, it is necessary to combine the personal taste of spouses: very often in our times, the choice falls on wedding bands not strictly made of pure yellow gold.

There are external things to consider as well. Here we answer intricate questions about wedding bands.

Give yourselves time

It is important to know that the purchase of wedding bands should not be made hastily or following the impulse and fashions of the moment

Your preferences and budget should be discussed beforehand, and it is better if you do it with fresh ideas, before the wedding preparations consume too much of your time.

Wedding bands will be those jewels that you will wear on your finger every day of a lifetime, so it is necessary to ponder the decision carefully, or one of you might get tired of it.

Your personalities combined influence the choice of your wedding band

If you are still torn about shape, color, and material, try taking a look at what we have to say, and you'll find yourself choosing bands that are exactly right for the two of you!


Classic wedding bands for a traditionalist couple

If the two of you love the out-and-out idea of a ceremony, seek traditions, and have planned an essentially classic wedding, we suggest no other solution to consider other than the classic wedding band in yellow gold.

Now you only have the style to decide on and the most important variable is the weight and width of the band itself.

Slightly curved wedding bands are a strong possibility for you since your engagement ring might be the solitaire or straight style and these sets are extremely harmonious.

Wedding bands for minimal and contemporary couples

If the two of you enjoy simple, inconspicuous wedding bands that can easily blend in with the rest of the precious items you love to wear daily, white gold or platinum looks exactly right for you: minimalist, simple and modern, just like you and the wedding you are organizing.

From a modest wedding dress to the absence of trimmings and drapery on the decorations, we know sleek metals with no addition of diamonds or carvings is the option for you.

Wedding bands for unrestrained couples

All that glitters is for the two of you. Your wedding is exactly like this: full of light points on the decorations, flowers, and fireworks at the end of the evening.

We know you will feel very attracted by the idea of ​​wearing a jewel that is different from the usual and that can perfectly reflect your taste.

It will be impossible to resist the charm of the sparkle of yellow and rose gold in a channel setting with wide bands and gemstones.


Wedding bands for retro couples

If you have chosen an old-fashioned wedding dress and are organizing an event inspired by a bygone era, you will probably be more fascinated by an unusual vintage band. You will love a structure inspired by the treasures of the past and the use of antique gold.

An idea is also to get inspired by your grandparents' wedding bands. Or even forge your bands by melting the gold of their wedding bands, to give more value and meaning to your promise.

A note on wedding bands for men

An aspect to consider is that the shared choice of wedding bands between two spouses may differ. Sometimes the two of you do not embrace the same style, and that’s okay because it means you complement each other.

Men tend to appreciate elegance and comfort above all else, while stones are not the most sought after by men, the carvings and layers of a wedding band are something they like to preserve.

Here palladium, platinum, titanium, and tungsten come into place and the thickness of 6 mm makes a band particularly suitable for a man's fingers.

Finally, remember that precious stones, engravings, or colors that deviate from the traditional golds are destined for unconventional personalities who do not like the obvious or the low profile.

You can find common features in both wedding bands to make them match and resemble each other.

The perks of wedding bands

The majority of wedding bands can be personalized, so, not hesitate to make your wedding band unique.

Maintenance of wedding bands when choosing gold, palladium, platinum, titanium, and tungsten is done very easily.

Scratches, dirt, and signs of aging are removed using special techniques from your trusted jewelers. In a few hours, the wedding bands can recover all the enamel lost in contact with sweat and detergents.

It goes without saying that you can always choose between white, yellow, and rose for gold.

It is for these reasons that Becker’s Jewelers attaches great importance to being able to provide you with a varied choice of wedding bands. Within our different collections, you will see prestigious touches of craftsmen and artisans of the trade.

Whether you are looking for a white, yellow, rose gold, palladium, titanium, or even a tungsten wedding band, you will be delighted to join Becker’s experts for the story behind their pieces. Visit Becker’s in West Hartford or Old Saybrook in Connecticut.

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