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Solitaire Engagement Rings in Connecticut

When many picture an engagement ring, they think of the classic Solitaire that has filled jewelry showcases for generations. A solitaire diamond ring, by definition, refers to a ring that solely has a single diamond as its focal point and a band as its only competition for shimmer.

Beloved for its innate ability to highlight the beauty of the stone, the style’s popularity is also owed to its versatility. With the quality of the singular diamond being the main factor of the price point, and with many rings being sold semi mount, the buyer has the opportunity to choose a diamond that reflects their price point while still maintaining an elegant classic ring.

Similarly, the simplicity of the Solitaire has the ability to give the designer a blank canvas to either stick with the classic or give it a twist.

The buyer also has further options as many styles and stone shapes are available in solitaire rings. While a round brilliant cut is one of the most popular styles due to the amount of light the shape allows to be brought into at the top, other options include Cushion, Princess, Radiant and Pear.

Showcasing a beautiful presentation of a Cathedral Setting is this gorgeous 14K White Gold Allie Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring by Gabriel & Co. Getting its name from the high nave’s of many churches, height and maximum visibility of the diamond is the aesthetic of this setting.

The simplicity of the solitaire style and the extravagance of the cathedral setting are a match made in heaven, both focusing on the splendors of the center stone. In this ring by Gabriel & Co, the designer opted for a pear cut, which in turn allows us greater visibility of the diamond and allows in more light to sparkle.

This setting is also very popular with the classic round cut, as seen in this magnificent display in Fire & Ice’s Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring set in 18K White Gold.

In a bezel setting of solitaire, the metal of the band comes up to the surface to encircle the center stone entirely to create an almost silk-like appearance.

In the solitaire engagement ring by Artcarved, the bezel setting further accentuates the quality of the center stone as it completely engulfs the sides in metal and forces the viewer to gaze at the top.

Very similar to a Cathedral setting, the prong setting in a diamond ring features a varied number of prongs holding the center stone in a more subdued style. While also being the most classic, a prong setting is very prone to experimentation as designers try to redefine it.

In A.Jaffe’s 18K engagement ring, eight prongs line the diamond instead of the classic four or six. With four sets of two prongs, the diamond is heavily secured without adding too much to take away from the center stone.

In Stuller’s 14K Yellow Gold Engagement Ring, the designer redefines the simplicity of a Solitaire ring while still allowing the center stone to take the stage. As the wide band makes its way around the finger, both sides drastically move upwards on their top half, ending at different heights.

In between them, an open ridge that births a diamond in a prong setting. The final result is a slope-like effect on the band that could otherwise seem too convoluted if it weren’t a solitaire design.

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