Floral - Nova - Split Shank - Engagement Rings

Split Shank Engagement Rings in Connecticut

There’s a certain elegance in the appearance of multiple bands. Sometimes, more is actually more, and as the bands stack up on your fingers, ornamental next to ornamental, you’re forced to pay attention to the little details and the intricate beauty of the ring(s) at hand. That’s part of the allure of the split shank style, rings that have bands that defy the normal singular and linear route.

Free to express themselves in whichever which way they please, split shank bands usually contain two or three segments that branch out from the sides of the band and twist or curve until reaching the center stone. We at Beckers Jewelry love this adventurous style and feature a variety of versions from only the finest designers.

From the world-renowned, New York City-based designer duo Gabriel & Co., comes this spectacular Two-Tone Gold Nova Split Shank Engagement Ring. Featuring three shanks that break off from the band midway up the ring, the top and bottom segment continue the band’s white gold coloring. With all three shanks fanning out vertically, maintaining a parallel form, the middle shank, colored in yellow gold is the only shank to touch the center stone.

As it reaches the top of the ring, the yellow gold strand curves upwards and away from the circular shape of the other two shanks, holding the center stone in a dazzling white gold prong cathedral setting. To add to the opulence, all three strands are studded with a plethora of glimmering diamonds. The illusion of multiple bands is key here and adds a glamour that can only be attained in the split shank style.

Another New York City-based designer, A.Jaffe, has been using their unique craftsmanship to create one of a kind designs for over 120 years. This 18k White Gold Split Prong Cathedral Engagement Ring showcases that exactly. Almost industrial in appearance, this bold band, too, splits about midway up the shank, but at a much slower pace, and only fully separating ever so slightly at the top.

With diamonds lined the entire way, the band almost gives the appearance of a zipper delicately being unzipped. Also being set in a cathedral setting, the band curves upwards at the top to level and hold this princess cut diamond in cornered prongs, with the full circle of the band being completed with an airy archway. Sealed with the A.Jaffe signature on the bottom left-hand side of the band, this split-shank ring smoothly mixes strength with grace.

For the magic that the split shank style has to offer, look no further than the husband and wife team behind Simon G. Jewelry. With two diamond-studded shanks, the bottom one of which remains linear as the top slightly curves upwards and around the center stone, this tiara shaped ring has all the elegance you’ll need.

With a shimmering round cut center stone and a glistening halo around it, the centerpiece is artfully elevated and, in profile, gives the appearance of itself being a halo that is softly placed onto this white gold band.

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