Becker's Annual Estate Sale 2017

Becker's Annual Estate Sale 2017

             Mark your calendar! We’re gearing up for our Annual Estate Sale which kicks off during our Estate Parties in West Hartford on Thursday, April 6th and in Old Saybrook on Saturday, April 8th (see our Events page). If you can’t make it to the parties, don't worry—the sale runs all month long through April 29th!

So why wear estate jewelry in the first place? One of our customers said it best:

“Pre-loved jewelry tells an unknown story which remains a mystery, where we can use our own imagination to envision where it has been, who owned it and what they experienced while wearing it."
                                                      -Kimberley, Becker's Estate Customer

             Old really is the new new! Estate jewelry is so popular because you can find pieces that range from antique and vintage styles that are hundreds of years old, to fashion jewelry from more recent years. While Estate jewelry is pre-loved, we only buy and sell pieces that are in very good condition—this means you get truly stunning pieces at incredible prices throughout the year. And during the sale, you can enjoy 10% - 50% off our already irrestisible prices!! So who’s excited? We are, if you couldn’t tell! #JewelryAddicts


Fuel your own excitement by checking out some of our favorite estate pieces at the moment—click the photos to shop:

Estate antique-style 1.08ctw diamond shield ring:
Shield Ring

Estate blue topaz, peridot, and white sapphire pendant:
Blue Topaz


Estate 1.85ctw diamond pendant (Who doesn't love a *little* sparkle?):
Diamong pendant

Estate emerald and diamond band:Emerald ring


Find your new favorite pieces at our Estate Sale through April 30th!

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