Why Platinum?

Why Platinum?

Platinum. The diamond of metals. Rare and long-lasting, platinum is a great foundation for your jewelry as it’s as durable as it is beautiful!

 So...why exactly should you opt for platinum jewelry?  

platinum wedding band and engagement ring
Platinum round diamond engagement ring setting, 0.42ctw
(Does not include center diamond)

Men's platinum 6mm comfort-fit wedding band with satin and polished finish

Brighter & Whiter

          Platinum has a brighter and whiter appearance compared to white gold, because it is naturally white. White gold, contrary to popular belief, is actually an alloy made up of yellow gold and a white metal such as nickel or palladium.

          Platinum does not require re-plating with rhodium like white gold does, as platinum is 90 – 95% pure.

Platinum Lasts
          Thanks to its density, platinum gives your jewelry a longer lifespan. It holds your diamonds and gemstones very securely, making it ideal for engagement rings and jewelry you will wear often.

Resists Tarnishing
          Yellow gold and white gold jewelry needs professional polishing and upkeep over time. White gold requires rhodium plating about every 1-2 years to remain bright white and looking like new. Platinum, on the other hand, remains bright over time, so you have less maintenance to worry about. An occasional polish is all that’s needed!

          Platinum is the only precious metal that is completely hypo-allergenic. Some people have skin reactions to gold jewelry (especially the nickel in white gold), so platinum is perfect if you have sensitive skin.

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